Understanding is a measure of the quality and quantity of connections that a new idea has with existing ideas.

(Van de Walle, Karp & Bay-Williams, 2013, p. 23)

University teaching

Doctoral Courses

  • Mathematical Modeling in the Sciences

  • Design Research

  • Technological tools for Education in Mathematics

  • Learning Trajectories in Mathematics Education

  • Dissertation Proposal Seminar

  • From methods to methodology: Preparing to write

  • Research Design

Graduate Courses (MA/MAT/MS programs)

  • Math Materials for Teachers of Mathematics

  • Applied Mathematics for the Middle School

  • Educational Technology for School Mathematics

  • Contemporary Teaching of Mathematics

  • Mathematics Education in the Elementary School (PreK-3 focus)

  • Mathematics Education in the Elementary School

  • Rational Numbers and Operations: K-5 Learning Trajectories

  • Designing Mathematical Learning and Teaching with Digital Technologies

Undergraduate Courses

  • Mathematics Research I

  • Mathematics Research II

  • Mathematics in Elementary Schools P- 6

  • Mathematics in Elementary Schools P-6 II

K-12 Teaching

  • 2006 - 2011 Elementary school teacher. Cyprus Educational Mission in London, U.K. - Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture